Oreos have become the new favorite food ingredient of the 21st-century gen. From shakes and ice-creams to cakes and other sweet dishes, these have become the trending sweet and chocolate bites that have been ruling the hearts of many. And here, we are going to give you a recipe about the delicious carnival-born dessert, deep fried Oreos that is not only oreo-luscious but at the same time crunchy! 

How to prepare Deep Fried Oreos?

The recipe for these is very quick and easy if you choose to pick up the ready-made Fried Oreos Pancake mix by Crumbs Carnival Treats

# The Whisking

Get the instant pancake mix and add water to it to make a fair and fine consistency.Keep it aside to settle. 

# Prepare the frying station

Frying is an art and if you want to relish the sweet munch of fried oreo cookies then you should be able to take care of some frying techniques. Here are some 

  • Keep the cooking station clean and dry. From your frying pan to the spider, everything must be dried as even a drop of water can hinder your frying. 
  • Maintaining the ideal temperature that is 375 ℉ is important if you want a faultless crunch on your Oreos. Get yourself a kitchen thermometer if you are a novice or else, drop a small portion of the pancake batter in the hot oil and if it instantly turns into golden brown then that means your oil is ready for frying. 
  • Choose the best oil. While selecting the oil, you must keep two things in mind, its smoke point should be higher than 375 degrees Fahrenheit as that is the ideal temperature for cooking and number two its taste should perfectly blend with the food item you choose to fry. For deep fried Oreos, the vegetable oil suits the most.
  • It is appropriate to fry in small batches at home otherwise they’ll be bashed apart while you stir them around or they’ll stick to the bottom of the pan or most probably will stick to each other. 
  • The quantity of oil should be apt for frying, too little and too much will ruin the taste of your Oreos. Also, when you drop the Oreo balls wrapped in the pancake mix batter into the oil, ensure that you do that gently from the sides just near the surface of the oil. 

# Dipping Oreos in the batter

While we have prepared your mind for an ultimate fry, the pancake batter must now have been settled and your frozen Oreos are all set to take a nice dip in it. One by one layer up your oreo cookies with the pancake mix batter and slide them slowly into the hot oil. Give them a deep-fry by keeping in check all the frying tips we have already discussed. 

# Serve them with the Oreo Ice-Creams

If your heart can not yet settle for a single Oreo shot, you can add another booster shot by adding a scoop of Oreo Ice Cream to your dessert dish plate. This will also give you an interesting blend of hot and cold Oreos! Just imagine the soft molten hot Oreo melts under your tongue along with the chilled creamy ice. You’ll have the perfect balance of the savories ever!

# Garnish them with Nutella

Oreos and Nutella are the much-craved for tastes among the twenty-first Gens! You can swathe the deep fried Oreos into the layers of Nutella and set your palate on the chocolaty fire! It’s going to be an ultra-delicious ride!

# Other Mergers to make your Fried Oreos Special

  • Nuts and Fruits
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Oreo Burgers
  • Confectioner’s Sugar 


Deep fried Oreos are the ultimate binging desserts to satisfy anytime oreo cravings. Be it an occasion of fine dining or an unexpected visit by your loved one, it can be on your plates in just 10 minutes!

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